NaNo Anonymous Day 15

We're over two weeks into my #NaNoAnonymous challenge. That is, my challenge to write daily during the month of November WITHOUT any word count quotas and without checking my word count at all. I am pleased to say I feel I have shaken the compulsive habit of word count checking. The urge does come, but it's... Continue Reading →

Types of Writers – Strengths and Weaknesses of the Distracted Writer

Strengths - The distracted writer is always, always, always thinking of new story ideas. He or she sees the entire world as a source for inspiration, and never lacks for ideas in a project. Unlike writers with more of a control freak tendency, distracted writers don't feel an overwhelming need to plan out every detail of... Continue Reading →

Author Interview

I recently did an interview with SmashWords, my e-book distributor, discussing everything from my childhood to what I'm currently working on, to what gets me up in the morning (hint: it has an obnoxious beeping sound!). See the interview questions below: Interview with Hannah Stahlhut Where did you grow up, and how did this influence... Continue Reading →

Character Questionnaire

I won't lie, I have had a hard time getting into my characters lately in my latest writing project. That's why, when I have writer's block, I like to use little questionnaires like this to get to know them better. Follow this link to explore your own characters and maybe discover something unexpected about them!

Writing Process and Outlines

Over the weekend, I finished the first draft of my manuscript. It pleases me to say that I achieved my goal of finishing it before I turned 18. After writing four books, I have learned what to expect in every stage of my writing. Everyone has their own process when working on a project-- and... Continue Reading →

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