NaNo Anonymous Day 15

We're over two weeks into my #NaNoAnonymous challenge. That is, my challenge to write daily during the month of November WITHOUT any word count quotas and without checking my word count at all. I am pleased to say I feel I have shaken the compulsive habit of word count checking. The urge does come, but it's... Continue Reading →

Types of Writers – Strengths and Weaknesses of the Distracted Writer

Strengths - The distracted writer is always, always, always thinking of new story ideas. He or she sees the entire world as a source for inspiration, and never lacks for ideas in a project. Unlike writers with more of a control freak tendency, distracted writers don't feel an overwhelming need to plan out every detail of... Continue Reading →

Kids: Reasons to Write Fiction

I've been making up stories since before I could read. My little scribbles evolved into short stories and articles and, eventually, chapter books. After all this time, I've discovered some unusual benefits from writing stories (besides "It's a ton of fun.") Here are a few: It's so much more exciting than keeping a journal. Face it:... Continue Reading →

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