Types of Writers – Strengths and Weaknesses of the Distracted Writer

Strengths - The distracted writer is always, always, always thinking of new story ideas. He or she sees the entire world as a source for inspiration, and never lacks for ideas in a project. Unlike writers with more of a control freak tendency, distracted writers don't feel an overwhelming need to plan out every detail of... Continue Reading →

Types of Writers – Strengths and Weaknesses of The Control Freak

A thought occurred to me the other day when I was talking to my friend and fellow author Genevieve Raas (Her upcoming novel, Spin, is incredible! I am so smug to have read an advanced copy!). She and I were sharing our writing challenges and successes, and I was baffled by the differences in our writing... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Self-Doubt as an Author

To be a writer, or artist in general, is to live with chronic self doubt. If you don't have moments where you look at your work and wonder how you could have poured years of your life into your art only to produce a heaping pile of putrid garbage, you are a minority in the... Continue Reading →

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