Character Profile: Shem

At just nine years of age, Shem son of Raban is well known throughout the markets for his kindness and empathetic demeanor. All his life he has felt connected to others' emotions and needs, and he seeks to make each life he touches a little better. When Shem is stolen away from his home in... Continue Reading →

Character Profile: Tobin

Tobin Tobin has been torn between two worlds his entire life. His mother, a young woman cast out from the desert clans, taught him the language and customs of the Roharian people. But Tobin has lived mostly within the Wanderling village of outcasts, where he and his sister Sarah are considered little more than slaves because of... Continue Reading →

Character Questionnaire

I won't lie, I have had a hard time getting into my characters lately in my latest writing project. That's why, when I have writer's block, I like to use little questionnaires like this to get to know them better. Follow this link to explore your own characters and maybe discover something unexpected about them!

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