You Should Be Reading This Book

Dear readers, friends, and family: if you are interested in fantasy fiction even a little, this series in the next big thing. I haven't been this absorbed in a YA novel since Hunger Games. How I came to read this book: I received my signed copy from book expo earlier this month. I had never... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Black Bird of the Gallows

How I came to read this book I received my advance reading copy of Black Bird of the Gallows at Book Expo America. I was first drawn to it by the appealing cover, and by the exuberant smile of the author, Meg Kassel, who performed a signing at the Entangled Publishing booth. I believe this... Continue Reading →

Book Expo: The Free Books!

I discovered something at Book Expo America 2017. I have a problem. As far as problems go, it isn't so serious. It's unlikely to derail my life or cause major hardship. Except that it may cause me to have shoulder, back, knee, and feet problems in the future. Here it is: I cannot resist free... Continue Reading →

New Release: Haunted Dream

Age recommendation: 8-13 Length: 72 pages What a book! Angela Flatt, 5th place winner of the 2007 Tweener Time Chapter Book Competition, has woven a tale that sticks with the reader for days. "Haunting" is a good word to describe this story about grief and the nature of love. The main character, Ruth Collins, has... Continue Reading →

Goblin War

Age recommendation: I'd say 15 & up. If you're in high school, you're ready for the humor and battle sequences in this book. I will be reviewing some good books for pre-teens soon as well! Length: 336 pages I had been waiting for this book to come in at the library for an embarrassing amount... Continue Reading →

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