Spirit Seeker Novels

Young Adult Fantasy Action & Adventure Books 

Audience: Ages 13+

Wanderling: Spirit Seeker Book One

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For as long as Adala can remember, she’s spent summers abroad as part of her father’s crew. At last she is determined to stay home and pursue a new life with her mother and young brother, Shem. But Adala’s world is suddenly thrown into havoc when Shem collapses at the market one day, crying out that their father has died at sea. Before she can process his surreal claims, Shem is stolen away from their cottage in the night.

Adala’s plight to rescue Shem soon lands her captive to an outcast group of criminals. Traversing the desert hills, she grows ever aware of the surrounding dangers and afraid that Shem’s intuitions may be used in a nefarious plot for vengeance. Adala is forced to ask herself: Are her brother’s otherworldly senses genuine? How do they relate to a dark prophecy of the “savage” desert clans? Can she trust Tobin, a kind-hearted outcast soldier with ties to the desert dwellers?

Join Adala as she seeks to free herself and her brother from the clutches of an outcast leader determined to push Shem towards a frightening destiny.


Resistance: Spirit Seeker Book TwoResistance cover

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They flee for their lives, but the greatest enemy lies within.

Commander Burano has united the desert clans and will stop at nothing to find the escaped renegades.

Adala, Shem, and Tobin fight to stay ahead of the approaching army. Only by working together will they evade capture and warn Gerstadt of the battle to come. Their chance of survival rests with Tobin’s knowledge of the desert, Adala’s courage, and Shem’s magical gift to sense when others are near.

Tobin and Shem begin to fear the worst as Adala grows ill traveling beneath the desert sun. Each night she lives out her worst fears through vivid nightmares, and each day her energy wanes more and more. Will Adala have the strength to make it to Gerstadt and warn the city of the coming attack? Will they be able to liberate Tobin’s sister from the Wanderling village? Can Tobin earn Adala’s trust once and for all?

Continue the dark tale in book two of the Spirit Seeker Novels as they overcome obstacles and betrayals at every turn in their quest to save a city.

Voyage: Spirit Seeker Book Three20394685_10159140342300341_385849809_o

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Family. Sacrifice. Treason.

Adala and her brother Shem barely escaped Gerstadt with their lives, but safety has come at great cost. The trauma of battle has made young Shem a prisoner to his own mind, unaware of his surroundings. Tobin’s fate in the battle-stricken city is unknown, and Adala begins to fear the worst.

With the support of Sarah and Captain Konrad, Adala launches a campaign to rally military support for the cause of reclaiming Gerstadt, secretly hoping to reunite with Tobin if he still lives.

Sailing from city to city, Adala’s hope begins to crumble. She discovers her home empire is on the brink of another war, and the lords of allied cities are unwilling to lend their support. To make matters worse, she is plagued by the magnetic presence of Gabe, a sailor with ties to her reckless past. Care as she may for Tobin, she is confused to find herself drawn more and more toward Gabe and the life she thought she left behind.

In a race against death, Adala’s only salvation lies in discerning friend from foe. But in the murky waters of the ocean, how can she tell?

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