Short Stories

Would you believe it if I said writing short stories is harder than writing chapter books? For me, it's true. Sure, writing books generally takes longer. But in a novel, you have hundreds of pages to develop your characters and resolve the conflict. In a short story, you have only a couple of pages or... Continue Reading →

Funny Magical Abilities

I'm researching possible abilities for my current book this weekend. In Iviannah, the setting for my series, certain people are blessed with magical abilities. As I mulled over possible "gifts," my brother-in-law showed me a list of rather humorous magical powers. Here are some of my favorites: Ability to walk halfway through a brick wall... Continue Reading →

Writing Exercise

This weekend, I tried a new writing activity with my best friend. It can be a fun experiment for writers of all ages, and is easily adapted to fit your own needs. First, prepare a short story or essay for the activity. Each participant should bring their own original sample. Make it a short, relatively... Continue Reading →

Kids: Reasons to Write Fiction

I've been making up stories since before I could read. My little scribbles evolved into short stories and articles and, eventually, chapter books. After all this time, I've discovered some unusual benefits from writing stories (besides "It's a ton of fun.") Here are a few: It's so much more exciting than keeping a journal. Face it:... Continue Reading →

Back to School

Okay, the title is a little misleading. Since I am taking classes at Marian College, school doesn't officially begin until next Monday. But I have started catching up on my at-home classes today. I will be taking Psychology and Sociology at Marian, while Geometry and Spanish are my home subjects. My big disappointment this year is that... Continue Reading →

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