Character Profile: Tobin

Tobin Tobin has been torn between two worlds his entire life. His mother, a young woman cast out from the desert clans, taught him the language and customs of the Roharian people. But Tobin has lived mostly within the Wanderling village of outcasts, where he and his sister Sarah are considered little more than slaves because of... Continue Reading →

Character Profile: Adala

Leading up to next month's release of Wanderling (Spirit Seeker Book One), I will be sharing character profiles. See below for my first character. Adala Adala, Daughter of Raban, has lived her life on the move. Each summer she traveled abroad on her father's merchant ship, trading throughout her home land of Bolgir and even... Continue Reading →

Wanderling Novel Update

Wanderling Novel Update: Wanderling, book one of the #SpiritSeekerNovels, is well on its way to publication! Thanks to an incredible support system of talented proofreaders, the manuscript is cleaning up quite nicely for release as an e-book on amazon. Most excitingly, I am at work with Hannah England for a cover design. Hannah has created... Continue Reading →

Book Announcement

It is my pleasure to announce that I am polishing a book for online publication! In the following months, I will be releasing new information and teasers for the novel. Today I give you a title. Wanderling: A Spirit Seeker Novel While this is the beginning of a series set in the same world as... Continue Reading →

Study Abroad Experience 2011

Greetings! This summer, a lot of blessings in my life lined up to allow me the experience of studying abroad for two months. Because of Marian University's belief in my academic achievements, I have been able to actually save money the last couple of years. If it weren't for my scholarships and the support of... Continue Reading →

New Release!

Now Available: Keegan's Third Adventure Join Keegan and his best friend Ralph as they witness the blessing of a magical gift. Keegan may think at first that a magical gift, one much like his ability to speak to animals, will bring a young boy in his village glory, but he soon discovers the complexity of... Continue Reading →

Keegan’s Third Adventure

Good morning! It has been quite a while. Since my last post, I have been busy studying (or pretending to), and also collaborating with my amazing publishers for the release of my third book. Now, at long last, it looks like Strangers in Madrona will arrive in the next two weeks. I am thrilled to... Continue Reading →

One Happy Camper

It has been one crazy summer so far, but I'm sad to see it come to a close. I have worked seven sessions of camp, four of them as a wrangler in the barn and three of them as a group counselor. The days are long, but the weeks fly by. I can't believe I'll... Continue Reading →

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