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author picThis is me. Author of YA Fantasy novels and Netflix aficionado. Former festival worker, farm girl, world traveler, ballet dancer, and homeschooler.

In my childhood, when I wasn’t occupied setting up moonwalks or dancing or traveling, I spent much of my time reading and climbing trees (or both at the same time). I often wrote short stories and articles for friends and family.

In my early teens, I became enthralled with the fantasy genre and began writing my own magical stories. Two days after my 16th birthday, I finished Journey to the Homeland, first place winner of the 2007 Tweener Time Chapter Book Competition. Two sequels followed: Danger in the Shadows and Strangers in Madrona.bike

I graduated from  Marian University with a degree in English in December 2012. I’m currently working on a new fantasy series for young adults, entitled the Spirit Seeker novels.

In my free time, I like to binge on Netflix shows (Parks and Recreation, The IT Crowd, Dexter, Battlestar Galactica, and The 100 are a few of my current favorites). I also enjoy pretending to be fit by riding my bicycle to work and engaging in dozens of home improvement projects that I hardly ever finish. I consider myself an honorary member of both House Lannister and Hufflepuff. An odd combination to be sure, but one I will defend to the bitter end.

I hope my readers enjoy reading my books half as much as I enjoy writing them. Nothing brings me more joy than sitting at my laptop, making up stuff.

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