Keegan’s Adventures

All three covers with frame

Children’s fantasy chapter books for ages 8-13.

Journey to the Homeland is the story of Keegan, a young  orphan who lives in a medieval land. He is just like any other 11-year old boy– except for his unique way with animals. For as long as he can remember, Keegan has been able to talk to them. His worst fear is that this gift will be discovered. He keeps his best friend, a jaguar named Adrian , hidden so no one will know about his gift.

When two mysterious strangers appear in his village looking for a child who can communicate with animals, there is a grave misunderstanding. Nora, the most quarrelsome girl in town, is mistakenly named the gifted child. She is kidnapped from her home due to a confusion Keegan could have prevented. Keegan is faced with an important decision: should he risk everything and try to save the girl, or quietly slip away?

With the help of his jaguar friend, he grudgingly sets out to save Nora despite their differences. His efforts to rescue her are complicated by a very late start, a couple of dangerous kidnappers, and a river or two. He finds himself caught between the politics of two countries in an adventure that will change his and Nora’s lives forever.

Danger in the ShadowsKeegan and Nora have escaped their abductors and crossed into a new land for sanctuary. The children find shelter with Keegan’s aunt, and for the first time Keegan has a true home. Best of all, he can keep his magical gift of speaking to animals secret in this new place.

But not all is well in their village. A mysterious beast from deep in the forest is attacking the village livestock, and it grows bolder with every strike. As the region grows more dangerous, Keegan realizes he may be the only one who can stop this ominous creature. With the help of a boisterous new friend, Keegan and Nora set off on another adventure to find this beast and cast it away from the village for good.

Strangers in Madrona
– Keegan seeks to settle into his new life with his family when his town is disrupted by a magical visitor. A forest nymph blesses a young child in the village with a magical ability, much like Keegan’s own ability to communicate with animals.

In the following weeks, word spreads about this special child, and Keegan fears that there are people who may take advantage of the young boy and his family. With the help of his animal and human friends, Keegan uncovers a plot to steal the child away. Can he stop it?

Keegan’s Adventure Series books are available for $10.95 plus shipping. Please contact us to place an order.

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9 thoughts on “Keegan’s Adventures

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  1. My class just finished Journey to the Homeland, and I loved it. I’m looking forward to seeing you at Lancaster on the 13.

  2. My tweener son loved it! He told me he thought the book was more exciting then Harry Potter.

  3. the book was great! i am re-reading the first one so i can read my second one and i really really really want the 3rd one so i am going to buy it soon!-macy miller age:10 PS: hannah came to my school (Douglas McAurthor) so i got to meet her!!!! lucky me!!!

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