30 Before 30 Update

In April, I posted a 30 Before 30 List, a detailed collection of goals I’d like to accomplish before I turn 30. I’m pleased to say that 2 months into my 4-year challenge, I have made progress on a number of goals. Check them out:

1.  Pay off the mortgage. Ted and I continue to make additional deposits toward the principal every month.

2. Finish the Spirit Seeker Series. I’ve continued writing sprints with my friend, author Genevieve Raas. With some effort, I hope to finish book 5 of the Spirit Seeker Series in July, then go back to book 3 and start revising for a fall 2017 publication!

4. Learn to dance reasonably well. My husband has started taking dance lessons with me! We’re doing west coast swing now, but before that it was the rumba.

8. Build a habit of cooking daily. I’ve cooked every single day in the last two weeks. BOOM!

9. Renew our passports. I just sent my info in last week. I feel so productive.

17. Start a reading list and actually read the books on it. I’ve gotten a jump start on this one from the free Book Expo giveaways, and I’ve already read and reviewed two of the books. Looking forward to delving into others soon!

28. Organize my pantry. Not only is this already done (I threw out several grocery bags of expired canned goods) but I couldn’t stop organizing. I went through two closets and donated four trash bags of clothing. This gave me immense satisfaction. It was like Christmas day.

I went through the closet AND donated the clothes in the same day. No letting them roll around in the trunk for six months. #Adulting

I’ll admit most of these are the easier items on the list (renovating that bathroom is going to be a hefty project!). But I’m doing what I can to build momentum and work toward my goals. I do have 4 years to tackle the rest of these achievements, after all.

What are your goals before your next milestone year?

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