You Should Be Reading This Book

Dear readers, friends, and family: if you are interested in fantasy fiction even a little, this series in the next big thing. I haven’t been this absorbed in a YA novel since Hunger Games.

How I came to read this book:

I received my signed copy from book expo earlier this month. I had never heard of the author, but I visited her website in research before the conference and saw that the heading on her website at that time read “embrace the awkward.” That sold me. I immediately wanted to read her YA fantasy, conveniently being given away at a signing the very next day.


Aurora stands to inherit the kingdom of Pavan, a birthright that comes with a great responsibility: defending her people from the raging storms that plague the wildlands. Her lineage of stormlords have warded off the storms for generations using their innate affinities for magic. But here’s Aurora’s secret: she has not one bit of magic.

Forced by her dire circumstances into a political marriage to a powerful stormlord prince, Aurora begins to suspect ill intentions from her betrothed. Following him one night into an illegal marketplace, she discovers a whole new world of black market magic trade with the promise of potentially earning her birthright, stealing the heart of a storm on her own to gain the affinity that nature denied her.

Follow Aurora as she steals away with a band of storm hunters who engage in the dangerous practice of capturing a storm’s magic in enchanted jars. With training from the dashing Locke, Aurora hopes to steal the heart of a storm and become what she was always meant to be.

Shameless fangirl praise:

Whoa. This novel was incredible. What I love most about it is how very grounded it is in reality. The characters have weaknesses and flaws just as they have strengths and endurance. There is a real sense of the high stakes as you follow Aurora, or Roar as she becomes nicknamed, through terrifying encounters with storms as she comes to realize her own vulnerabilities and unique power over nature. The characters aren’t out of reach to the reader, you are pulled along with them into the enthralling adventure packed with action and romance and anticipation. The writing makes for an easy and fast read while also drawing you into the raw emotions of this tempestuous adventure, allowing you to fall in love with Locke alongside Aurora and making you fear for Aurora’s life in her moments of dire need when she faces the most brutal forces of magic and nature combined.

The world itself is grounded in reality, with the sources of magic being meteorological as well as supernatural. Tying magic to the already terrifying forces of nature is a genius move, and something that adds to both the real feel of this magical realm and also the terror for the characters when faced with such challenges. I love the concept, and cannot wait to read more from Cora Carmack.

Giveaway opportunity:

If you’re intrigued by the premise of this book, or if you’ve read it already and love it as I do, check out #roarparty tonight on Twitter!

I heard a rumor there will be giveaways. Sign me up!

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