Book Expo: The Free Books!

I discovered something at Book Expo America 2017.

I have a problem.

As far as problems go, it isn’t so serious. It’s unlikely to derail my life or cause major hardship. Except that it may cause me to have shoulder, back, knee, and feet problems in the future.

Here it is: I cannot resist free books.

It’s impossible to refuse them.

Book Expo is a magical place where book worms get to live their wildest dream of meeting the authors they love and discovering exciting new authors, all the while accepting copies of books at every corner of the conference. Seriously, this is a real place.

I arrived with the intention of going to many sessions which focused around publishing, marketing, and current trends in my genre. Instead, when I walked through the door I was met with a smorgasbord of book giveaways. Many of these books were being signed by the author on-site, and many more still weren’t even released yet!

My will was weak. I skipped all the sessions and indulged, feeding my unhealthy addiction.


I filled so many bags full of books that I physically couldn’t carry them all and my shoulders and back and legs ached from the effort of lugging them around. That’s when I had to go through my books, abandoning some of my new friends in sad little stacks for other book lovers to pillage at the expo (I did my share of pillaging others’ stacks of abandoned books too – it’s like recycling). I spent most of my time waiting in line for autographs. My highlights of the experience included meeting Neil Patrick Harris and Lemony Snicket. I even got a signed book from R.L. Stine even though I admit I had never read any of his books. I was starstruck by all the amazing writers present at this one location.

Lemony Snicket, I refuse to acknowledge you by any other name

Anyway, so now I know that I have a problem with accepting too many free books. But I’ve decided to let this slide, as I only have so many opportunities to indulge in this one little guilty pleasure. Perhaps next year I will attend Book Expo for a second time, and if I do I will be prepared to make myself attend informative sessions to help in my writing career. However, you betcha I will be bringing a full-size suitcase to fill entirely with free books between sessions.

This needs to happen. But in the mean-time, I’ve committed to reading all the books I took home from Book Expo 2017, and that’s no small challenge.

Check back for book reviews as I make my way through the stacks of novels on my coffee table!

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