Book Review: Spin by Genevieve Raas


This year I had the great pleasure of being a beta reader for Spin by Genevieve Raas. Genevieve is a fellow writer who has been instrumental in my own revision process, so I was eager to review her own debut novel. What I didn’t expect was to become swept up in a twisted journey that turns the original story of Rumpelstiltskin on its head and makes you root for this plotting, devious, and surprisingly charming antihero.

Spin is a dark tale that unravels in a sexy, brooding whirlwind and takes you into a world of vengeance, betrayal, and longing. The lead characters, Rumpelstiltskin and Laila, the miller’s daughter, are drawn to one another’s pride and ambition in a destructive path that draws you in and doesn’t let go. Readers will be surprised to find Laila a more than capable woman who is less of a damsel in distress and more of a fierce protagonist, eager to bargain her way into the life she wants, no matter the cost. The chemistry between these two leads brings life to this story and makes you root for even their most maniacal ambitions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to lose yourself in an excellent fairytale retelling! Genevieve Raas knows how to create a world and characters that are as compelling as they are vindictive.

Can’t wait to see what else is in store for the Spindlewind books!

Purchase for $0.99 today!

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