NaNo Anonymous Day 15

We’re over two weeks into my #NaNoAnonymous challenge. That is, my challenge to write daily during the month of November WITHOUT any word count quotas and without checking my word count at all.

I am pleased to say I feel I have shaken the compulsive habit of word count checking. The urge does come, but it’s not so bad. I also thought I may struggle with feelings of being left out this NaNoWriMo because I have participated in the past, and watching my friends gleefully announce their word count accomplishments may cause withdrawal. However, this month has actually gone pretty smoothly.

Taken from Tumblr (where else?)

In addition, I have achieved my overall goal of maintaining some kind of balance in my crazy life. Balance isn’t always a word in my vocabulary, and it certainly never is a component of my life during NaNoWriMo. However, the #NaNoAnonymous challenge has

Look at me being all handy!

allowed me to continue writing for pleasure as well as accomplish some other goals in my life (yes, I have goals outside of writing!). In addition to growing my manuscript, I have completed a freelance project, painted my living room, ripped out a fence line in my back yard, and gone ballroom dancing! These are the sorts of things I wouldn’t ordinarily set aside time for when I’m working on a book.

In short, the #NaNoAnonymous challenge has been the perfect tool for me to find balance in my life while still igniting my passion for writing. The Spirit Seeker Series is blossoming into something I am truly proud of, and I thank everyone in my writing support group for helping me get through this draft. I am in the final chapters of drafting book 4 in the series, and I’m still not sick of the characters! That’s an accomplishment for someone as distracted as I tend to be with my writing projects.

Are you measuring your self worth based on your word count quota instead of enjoying your writing project? Join the #NaNoAnonymous challenge – stop tracking your word count like your life depends on it!

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