#NaNoAnonymous Day 7

Day 7 of my alternative NaNoWriMo challenge (that is, my challenge to NOT check my word count this month and to simply build good writing habits) has arrived, and it is still a challenge for me. I have made a certain amount of peace with the fact that I will not be measuring my success this month based on word count. However, the physical habit of pressing control+shift+C to bring up my word count on Google Docs whenever I reach a pause in typing persists, and it takes some serious self control to withhold that nervous tick.

Photo Credit: tumblr.com

Something surprising has happened, however. I have developed a routine wherein I bring my laptop to work so I can write over lunch. This immensely helps my goal of building daily writing habits that are healthy and achievable. You see, most of the time I tell myself I will write in my office during my lunch hour. This is a poor plan, as my walls are made of glass and I am usually sidetracked or interrupted frequently enough that I end up working through lunch, or simply getting nothing done at all because of the distracting outside world going on past my perfectly clear doors.

Thus now I have decided to bring my laptop to work, so I can leave my office during lunch and hide myself away in a dark corner to explore what my characters have to share with me for the day.

It’s a big success for my writing and for my peace of mind. Leaving my desk for lunch helps me return to work refreshed and accomplished, having continued my story by contributing however-many-words to my manuscript.

Man, I need to stop guessing my word count. #NaNoAnonymous is about the intrinsic value of contributing to your manuscript, whether you plan to reach 50,000 words in November or sometime early next year.

Overly stressed about your #NaNoWriMo2016 progress? Join #NaNoAnonymous!

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