The Roller Coaster of Emotions Every Reader Goes Through during a Book

In honor of the upcoming release of my new novel, Resistance: Spirit Seeker Book Two (sequel to Wanderling- now FREE for download!), I would like to pay tribute to readers like me who endure a serious onslaught of confusing new feels each time we discover a new series.

The struggle is real. Let us begin.

Initial Skepticism: Can this book be good if I’ve never heard of it? I have a full reading schedule to keep, you know.



Hopeful Optimism: Okay, not a bad start so far



Full-Fledged Mania: Must. Know. What. Happens.



Despair: Why is this author toying with my heart?

toying heart


False Confidence: You start to make predictions about the ending



Anxiety: You worry you were wrong about the ending, and the story is headed into catastrophe



Panic: Seriously, this book is consuming my life and it’s 3:26 a.m.!



Relief: Book is over, and the ending was epic



Outrage: Wait, the sequel isn’t out yet?




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