One Day Left!

Man, I cannot stop gazing at that cover art! Hannah England’s talent never fails to Wanderling_Cover_HS (1)impress me.

On the eve of Wanderling’s e-release, I want to give a shout-out to some of the people who made this book possible. As such, I have created a bit of a timeline of who has helped me and when.

2011 – I wrote the first 50 pages or so of Wanderling. Had some great moral support and critique work from my writing group, LASMU. Unfortunately life caught up to me and this project got pushed to the side because I was having difficulty getting along with my characters (I know they’re imaginary – they just don’t want to do what I say sometimes!).

2013 – I finally decided to work through some disagreements with my characters and finish the novel. During NaNoWriMo 2013 I had great support again from the LASMU group and from my friend Kristin who is a writer and close friend. Thank you for the support!

2014 – My manuscript was reviewed by several people. Thank you to my husband Ted, my parents, and my big sis Lawana for reading this draft and telling me the ending was crap. It totally was! Thank you Joe for recommending I expand the book and use multiple points of view, which is what I knew needed to happen but wasn’t ready to commit. October 2014 I essentially re-worked the entire novel to include 5 POV characters instead of 1. Massive improvements, all with the specific support of my sister Lawana (who didn’t need to read the second draft but who did anyway because she’s awesome) and my friend Kristin (who up to this point hadn’t read any of my books yet but took a chance reading mine).

2015 – Proofreading. Wow, right? It took a while to get here. At this point I needed some fresh eyes. I partnered with my friend, author Genevieve Raas, who gave great feedback and editing critiques for the final draft. My friend Heather and uncle Tom combed through it as well to offer initial thoughts and proofing.

2016 – Hannah England provided the perfect cover for my book, and everyone else on this list continues to support me as I fumble my way through the self-publishing process. This has been an incredible journey, and I cannot wait to share this novel with the rest of my readers.

Wanderling may have been a 4 year process, but it hasn’t been my only project. Books 2 AND 3 are in the works, and everything is progressing quickly. With the support system I have, these books will move right along!

Welcome to the Spirit Seeker Novels!

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