Character Profile: Shem

At just nine years of age, Shem son of Raban is well known throughout the markets for his kindness and empathetic demeanor. All his life he has felt connected to others’ emotions and needs, and he seeks to make each life he touches a little better.

When Shem is stolen away from his home in the night, he is thrown into a world more complicated and devious than anything he thought possible. As a captive of Burano, an outlaw leader, Shem learns of a prophecy that could foretell his destiny. Should Shem believe Burano’s claims, that Shem’s fate is to bring peace with the desert clans? Or is Burano using him for his own political gain?

Whichever the case, Shem is determined to cooperate with Commander Burano, for fear of putting himself and his sister Adala in harm’s way. In the mean time, he is excited to learn more about the outcast “Wanderling” village, making quick friends with Sarah and Tobin, two Wanderlings with connections to the mysterious desert clans.

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