Character Profile: Adala

Leading up to next month’s release of Wanderling (Spirit Seeker Book One), I will be sharing character profiles. See below for my first character.


Adala, Daughter of Raban, has lived her life on the move. Each summer she traveled abroad on her father’s merchant ship, trading throughout her home land of Bolgir and even to the reaches of Iviannah and the southern cities. She has bargained and haggled with merchants in every port along the trade route and grown into a skilled navigator and sailor.

But this summer Adala is relieved to be staying home with her mother Eleanor and young brother Shem. Years of sparring with sailors on deck and documenting inventory with her father have at last come to an end. Her greatest hope is to spend more time with Eleanor and Shem, building roots in her home city of Gerstadt.

Her dreams are all but forgotten the night her brother is stolen away from her in a horrible struggle and taken prisoner by a throng of banished outlaws calling themselves Wanderlings. Adala sets out to liberate Shem, traveling for the first time into the sparse desert to protect her family.

What Adala finds in the desert challenges everything. Soon taken captive herself, she is thrown into a world of limited resources and wild stories about the savage desert natives. As a prisoner of the same man who stole her brother, she learns that the Wanderling leader has a devious plan that may destroy everything she holds dear.

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