Study Abroad Experience 2011


This summer, a lot of blessings in my life lined up to allow me the experience of studying abroad for two months. Because of Marian University’s belief in my academic achievements, I have been able to actually save money the last couple of years. If it weren’t for my scholarships and the support of the Marian administration, I would never have made it abroad.

Thanks to the hard work and support of the amazing people around me, I found myself at last in Grantham, England on the 14th of May this year. It was a cool, partly-cloudy day, as most are in England. And I was staring at my new home-away-from-home. Take a look:

Harlaxton College: Grantham, England

Exploring the manor house/college revealed three secret passageways, a floor of genuine roman mosaic, and a fantastic conservatory. This is also a building where The Haunting was filmed, so that added to the spookiness at night. Harlaxton soon became home for me though, and it was glorious going to class every day in such a magical place. Each weekend I took trips throughout the United Kingdom, and I was always grateful to return “home” on Sunday night.

Strolling the Streets of London

My first weekend trip was to London. A friend and I went there by train (my first real train ride) and saw King’s Cross station. There was a set-up “Platform 9 3/4” for Harry Potter fans there. I was excited about it, of course. We saw the John Keats house and the Charles Dickens house, both great pilgrimage sites for fans. I enjoyed m

ost of all just wandering around the city and taking everything in. Navigating the underground was a ton of fun, but walking the streets of London is an experience I’ll never forget. The people there are so stylish (I still can’t figure out how English women walk so much in heels), and they all bring their dogs with them to the parks. It is a beautiful place with interesting people, buildings, and gardens.

My adventure abroad included many fascinating experiences, far too many for one post, but one of my favorites happened in that first London weekend. I went with my friend to see As You Like It at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, outside on a beautiful evening. It was an unforgettable production. Shakespeare truly was the master of comedy, and his material is still easy to relate to today.

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