On School Visits and Vegetarians

 Greetings from the library at Marian, where I am procrastinating on final projects for half of my classes. It has been a while! I have had a great semester, not only in my studies but with my author visits. I have had the opportunity to speak at many elementary schools and meet some very enthusiastic students and educators.

This weekend I was privileged to speak at an event in Monon, Indiana. Their Young Author event was a pleasure to participate in, and I was impressed by the interest students and their parents showed in creative writing. One girl in particular brought up an issue with me that I had not yet encountered on a visit.  She inquired whether or not Keegan eats meat, given his unique relationship with the animal kingdom. This kind of thought-provoking question always gets me excited about the subject. I’m afraid the young girl might have been disappointed with my answer (yes, Keegan does eat meat– I do not believe he could survive in a medieval culture without such sustenance), but I am glad to know that I got one young student thinking about topics of morality in my book. As a current English major, I’m always thrilled to find moral issues and messages in any work. That is what English studies is all about, and it is important in any stage of your life or any area of study to be able to interpret these messages in literature.

There is my preaching for today. It has been one busy semester. Lots of homework. Many school visits. Keegan does eat meat.

Good day, and I am off to study yet again!

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