2009 Champions Announced!

Creative individuals around the world work relentlessly to develop their skills in art, writing, and song writing. For seven talented teenagers, this work has earned them the championship title in the Tweener Time Competitions.

Here are the 2009 Champions:

Chapter Book winners:

1st place: Wesley Kriz, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan   Title: FLY

2nd place: Emily Eagen, Adrian, MI,   Title: REAL

3rd place: Deborah Yumi French, Cainta, Rizal Province, Philippines, Title: Bonded

4th place: Estee Wells, Hilton Island, S.C., Title: Seekers of Truth

5th place: Lydia Wassink, Grand Rapids, MI., Title: Legend of Isinglore

6th place: Bryce Michael Worrell, Madison, IN, Title: Sinister Hero

Songwriting Winner:

Benjamin Hoppe, Belleville, MI, Title: Standing

(As you may know, this is the first Songwriting competition through Tweener Ministries. I can’t wait to listen to the winning song!)

For updates concerning these amazing teenagers and their masterpieces, visit http://www.tweenertimecompetitions.org

2 thoughts on “2009 Champions Announced!

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  1. Hannah, I have a question for you. I was in this competition in 2008 and won fifth place in the Chapter Book category. However, they didn’t publish my book because as they told me, the company went down? I was therefore under the impression that they would no longer do any more competitions. How are they still running the contest then?

  2. Dear Pattie,
    I’m sorry to hear that your book didn’t make it to the press– I’m sure that it is a quality manuscript. I’m afraid the Tweener Time Chapter Book Competition is over for good, however. The 2008 and 2009 winners weren’t able to get published after all, which is quite a shame because I know that we had some very worthy pieces.
    I hope that you are still writing, and that you’ll get another chance at publication.
    Good day,

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