New Release

coles book coverAge Recommendation: 10-14

Length: 117 pages

Ari Callaghan, an average American teenager, wakes up one morning to find that he has leaped a week into the future. More horrifying, Ari discovers that his family has left for a vacation without him. He rides to his friend Jordan’s house to see what’s going on, but something is wrong. Jordan cannot see or hear Ari. In fact, no one can see him.

The next morning Ari looks at the newspaper and discovers that he has gone back a day. He is left alone, living life backwards one day at a time until the fateful night that started it all. Ari must discover the past that he cannot remember and build the courage to put his trust in God. Can he change the past? Should he?

Against the Current sets an excellent pace for the young reader while incorporating a strong Christian message. Teen author Greg Coles, 6th place champion from the 2007 Tweener Time Chapter Book Competition, has written an adventure that appeals to a broad audience. I stayed up until midnight reading it myself.

Click here to purchase Greg’s book, or the complete 2007 Chapionship Series.

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