Celebrate Creativity!

Gloria Gaither is hosting the second Celebrate Creativity workshop day!

Writers, artists, and songwriters mark your calendars! On July 11th, at the Gaither Family Resource Center in Alexandria IN, creative teens from all over the state (and beyond) will come together for workshops in their areas of interest. Parents/teachers will have their own session as well. Take a look at the options:

  • Writers: Author and speaker PeggySue Wells will offer her expert workshops on developing a gripping novel for any age.
  • Artists: Accomplished artist Paul S. Trittin will share a piece of his expertise in three sessions for young artists.
  • Songwriters: Gospel music’s Gloria Gaither will personally teach students what they need to know about writing lyrics and melodies.
  • Adults: Dr. Marvin G. Baker, author and publisher, will dip into his wealth of knowledge about creativity and help parents/teachers learn more about the creative student. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Dr. Baker explain how to properly cultivate a creative mind.

Students grades 8-12 are invited. If you are at all interested in the Tweener Time competitions, this is a great way to learn what the judges are looking for. A $25 fee is required for any attending student (adults attend at no charge). For more information, check out the Gaither Foundation. Or, if you contact me, I can mail a registration form

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