Funny Magical Abilities

I’m researching possible abilities for my current book this weekend. In Iviannah, the setting for my series, certain people are blessed with magical abilities. As I mulled over possible “gifts,” my brother-in-law showed me a list of rather humorous magical powers. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Ability to walk halfway through a brick wall
  • Being able to turn quarters into pennies
  • Gift of predicting coin tosses approximately 50% of the time
  • Super-sight that makes you see through walls– but only walls made of glass
  • Power to see one second into the future

Can you tell I am at a slow point in my writing? I am enjoying the process very much, but I have some decisions to make before the plot can move on (making speedy decisions isn’t my thing. Maybe that should be a magical ability! I’m on to something there!). It’s too exciting to be on another project, and now that I have set a deadline for myself, things should move right along. If I finish this book before I turn 18, I will have completed 4 books before legally becoming an “adult.” The pressure’s on, because I have only a few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Funny Magical Abilities

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  1. You forgot the ability to be bulletproof to the 13th bullet. That was a good one.
    Four books? I thought this was the third… shouldn’t I know this stuff?

  2. I am counting that fanfic I wrote online. After all, it turned out longer than both of my other books combined.
    Sometimes, I even count that one story that I gave up to start Journey to the Homeland. It was long enough to be a complete book… but I technically never finished it.

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