New Release: Haunted Dream

Flatt Book CoverAge recommendation: 8-13

Length: 72 pages

What a book! Angela Flatt, 5th place winner of the 2007 Tweener Time Chapter Book Competition, has woven a tale that sticks with the reader for days. “Haunting” is a good word to describe this story about grief and the nature of love.

The main character, Ruth Collins, has just learned that her best friend Bethany has cancer. Consumed with helplessness, young Ruth collapses on her bed and finds herself in an alternate reality. Here, dark figures lurk around a subway station, people dance like puppets at the command of a sinister queen, and others alienate themselves from society– all to escape the worries of the world.  Can she find help for her ill friend? Will she discover a way to forget about her concerns, as everyone else seems to have done? This book grips the reader from the very beginning and doesn’t let go until the final two words. It will appeal to boys and girls alike. The mysterious reality that Ruth explores in search of her friend could keep anyone begging for more.

Fabulous job, Angela!

To purchase your copy of Haunted Dream, look for updates at . It will be there soon!

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