Goblin War

Age recommendation: I’d say 15 & up. If you’re in high school, you’re ready for the humor and battle sequences in this book. I will be reviewing some good books for pre-teens soon as well!
Length: 336 pages

I had been waiting for this book to come in at the library for an embarrassing amount of time. Goblin War is the final book in the goblin trilogy by Jim C Hines, and I highly recommend all three novels. Fantasy lovers especially will appreciate the oh-so-subtle remarks that poke fun at all fantasy novels, complete with Lord of the Rings references and some less than epic battle scenes that leave you rolling on the floor laughing.
Meet Jig, a runt of a goblin who just wants to hide away in his lair and live in peace. This ideal seems less likely every moment as a group of pesky adventurers invade his tunnels and take many of the goblins captive. Jig and his not-too-bright companions are forced to do labor for the humans on the surface in preparation for a battle against the dangerous Billa the Bloody (so named because she used to suffer chronic nose bleeds). Jig does what goblins do best: he runs for his life.
This action-filled, hilarious book about the difference between bravery and stupidity (Jis suspects there isn’t much of a difference, but that’s just his opinion), follows Jig as he grudgingly becomes involved in the dangerous plans of two feuding gods and more than one egotistical royal.

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