School Visit at Traders Point

Monday and Wednesday of this week, I had an opportunity to speak to the students of Traders Point Christian Academy. What a great group of kids! It is always an encouraging experience to speak with budding writers and tell them my story of becoming a published author. Since TPCA is a Christian school, I could also incorperate what God’s done in my life. It was fun (for me. I hope the kids liked it too!).

I ask students if they don't always enjoy grammar lessons.
I ask students if they don't always enjoy grammar lessons.

We did a “Lunch with the Author,” which proved to be an excellent chance for students to ask me about the writing process. The most difficult question was: “Why is there such a thing as fiction?” I’m still not sure how to answer that. The librarian gave a pretty good explanation though: because it’s fun!

The most exciting moment was when I got to speak to students in 7th & 8th grades. They are so close to my own age, I was really nervous. But it was great to speak to them when they’re about to enter high school, and they will be of age to possibly enter the book competition. I hope they were listening when I said the words “$20,000 scholarship!”

A big thanks to all the TPCA students for cooperating and pretending to stay interested!

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  1. Love the new look! It sounds like you’re enjoying your speaking engagements. I’d like to be there for one sometime! I’ll try not to ask too many annoying questions. 😉

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