Happy Singles Awareness Day!

The Most Frivolous Holiday in the World

One day, a long time ago, the women of the world came together. They decided to create a holiday that would force their boyfriends to buy them jewelry and chocolate; a holiday that would allow them to ridicule their boyfriends endlessly if they failed to comply with this tradition. Thus Valentines Day was born.

Ah, true words. Happy V-day, and enjoy your treats! I am looking forward to the cheap chocolate after the big day, personally. Since I really don’t see the purpose of dating, I find it hard to understand this holiday, but I do love junk food!

One thought on “Happy Singles Awareness Day!

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  1. If it makes you feel any better Isaac and I did absolutely nothing for V-day. I started the day at a funeral (Julie’s g-ma) and spent most of the day w/ Jess and Cindy. Not exactly roses and candy.

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