Kids: Reasons to Write Fiction

I’ve been making up stories since before I could read. My little scribbles evolved into short stories and articles and, eventually, chapter books. After all this time, I’ve discovered some unusual benefits from writing stories (besides “It’s a ton of fun.”) Here are a few:

  1. It’s so much more exciting than keeping a journal. Face it: real life is never as interesting as the world of make-believe.
  2. Your characters develop minds of their own. You never know what they will do next!
  3. Stories can be fun to discuss with your friends. Don’t be fooled; other people think writing is cool. Friends can help you with ideas and give great suggestions, even if they aren’t writers themselves.
  4. You write whatever you want. It’s amazing how interesting stories can become when you have no limitations. Fly in spaceships, slay dragons, and ride pink kangaroos– it’s all good!
  5. Teachers love you for it! I still remember my English teacher’s reaction when I told her I wrote a chapter book over spring break. Trust me: even if you have a hard time finishing your stories, teachers appreciate that you are writing for fun.
  6. It confuses your parents. They won’t know what to say when they see you doing something educational for fun!

Do you enjoy writing? Post your own reasons for writing fiction!

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  1. I gave Kristie V. a copy of your book on Sunday. She said she is going to try to work it out for you to come talk to her class. She sounded pretty stoked about it.

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