Back to School

Okay, the title is a little misleading. Since I am taking classes at Marian College, school doesn’t officially begin until next Monday. But I have started catching up on my at-home classes today. I will be taking Psychology and Sociology at Marian, while Geometry and Spanish are my home subjects.

My big disappointment this year is that I haven’t taken a writing course. I really haven’t been writing as much as I should, and instructor feedback is invaluable. Still, it has been a relief getting those pesky required courses out of the way, like Geometry (which I skipped Sophomore year and came to regret it. Kids, don’t put your least favorite subjects off until Senior year!).

This is really random, but I thought I would share it: As I began typing this paragraph, a tractor drove by outside my window. My neighbor is transporting one of his cows to the field across the street. Little things like that make living in the country as peaceful as it s. That is probably the only vehicle I will see pass my window in the next 20-30 minutes. This kind of everyday event, oddly enough, inspires me to write.

I haven’t written much lately, as I was saying before being sidetracked. Over break, when I was too sick to do much else, I finished Wuthering Heights. It was fantastic. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, for you must have a very morbid mind to appreciate that sort of romance, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing was so rich, and the characters so… evil. Why this interests me is a mystery, but at least my vocabulary has almost doubled after reading it. The list of new words goes on and on! Emily Bronte obstinately uses impalpable words such as “soliloquy,” and her assiduity in persisting to utilize them throughout the entire work is so strong, she barely deigns to write in a more laconic fashion when her markedly churlish characters are speaking. You see what I mean? It makes me feel so churlish. Churlish. That is a funny word. See, now I’m just soliloquising– look it up, I dare you!

Well, this has been a fun post. Now there are vocabulary flash-cards strewn all over my desk. Ah well. Another day, another mess. Welcome back to school, to anyone who starts this week. Hang in there, we’ve made it through the first semester!

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  1. You crack me up! I didn’t understand half of the paragraph about Whuthering Heights. I dont think I ever finished it but I remember not liking it. I, unlike you, do not usually care for evil characters!! 😉

  2. A few years ago I started going back and re-reading (or actually reading) the classics that I was supposed to read in school… The Great Gatsby, To Kill A Mockingbird, Animal Farm, etc etc…

    You really get a much better appreciation for the books when you’re not foced to read them…

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